Thursday, November 30, 2006

5:43 a.m.

That is what the clock says right now. I have been up for two hours and here I am, trying to stay occupied until time to go to work. I only have three words for this.. Path Et Ic.

I would really love to know why I can't sleep like normal people. I was sleeping fine, but then the dude and his wife who moved into the house I grew up in in Oklahoma City (and parked their gigantic RV in the driveway), they started preaching at me about church. Damn dreams.

I have found myself less than inspired lately. I caught myself last night looking for filler crap to post, but that isn't very cool. I only post inspirational filler crap.

I think I'll go try to sleep for another hour. Maybe something will come to me while I'm unconscious.


Aisby said...

Maybe your novel will come back to you.

The CEO said...

Why not write down whatever is on your mind?

MyHeartHurts said...

:( Sleeping is over rated! ~M