Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I have been getting the weirdest search hits. Thanks to Roll who took over while I was in Scotland, I am getting several hits a day from people searching for "pubic waxing," some looking for videos, some not. Sickos. Next is "nudist." Freaks. In a close third comes people who are obviously looking for homework cheats about Hamlet. Lazy slackers do your own damn work.

I've had searches for meatloaf recipes.. yeah, this blog is all about spreading culinary joy. Also searches for "ex husband's new girlfriend." Okay, I admit to that one being funny and think everyone should have a look at that one. (My ex husband would strangle me if he knew what I had done, hehe.)

I've had a search for "skunk, open window, wife." I'd love to know the story behind the reason for that particular search.

Now, just for your entertainment (I live to entertain), I am including the following extremely pointless video. I equate it to watching grass growing, but for some reason it seems to be very popular on You Tube. I guess lots of people like this kind of entertainment. Enjoy.


Odat said...

I'm calling PETA, I do believe this is "schrimp" abuse!!!!
Or maybe it just makes him sleep better at night?

mist1 said...

It kills me to see how Google leads people to my blog.

Won't be eating shrimp for a bit.

curmudgeon said...

I'm not sure who would be considered the biggest maroon. The ones watching or the one who did it in the first place.

Just D said...

Odat & Mist: Yeah I thought he looked a bit like Hank. lol

Curmudgeon: Heyyyyyyy