Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Reanimator

I have talked about my boss, and how well we get along. We usually have a bullshit session every day. Yesterday it was about a movie.

We share a love of cheesy horror movies. Usually the cheesier the better. A few weeks ago he lent me a movie called The Reanimator. It was right up there in badness. Since then he has rented the sequel, Reanimator 2. He was telling me about the movie yesterday and I was asking questions about characters from the first movie. In the first movie there was a mad doctor who was bringing dead folks back to life, and at the end of the movie he was seemingly murdered by one of his experiments. Yesterday I asked my boss was the mad doctor in the second movie. Yes, yes he was. (You have to understand this discussion is done with all seriousness.) I said that I was surprised he was in it since he was strangled with someone's large intestine at the end of the first one.... that usually when that happens the people stay dead. My boss said that has always been his experience.

I look over at the person I share an office with now and she is not even reacting, not cracking a smile, didn't even turn and look at us. No reaction whatsoever. How can someone not react to a conversation like that??

I think I'm going to like that girl. hehe


Odat said...

I read somewhere they came up with the antedote for "chocked by intestines"...AMA published it last month.

mist1 said...

Clearly she doesn't find it humorous because she has either strangled someone with their intestines or has been the victim of such a crime.