Thursday, October 19, 2006


I love pulling pranks on people. I don't do it very often or it will completely ruin my credibility and none of the pranks will work. My very best one though was one that I pulled on a girl I used to work with. She was about 8 months pregnant. One day at work, I called the office and disguised my voice (I had a friend in on it with me who went into the girl's office with her, just to keep her calm.. we didn't want any premature labor or anything going on). So anyway, I call and ask for her husband. She says he isn't there he is at work, but that she is his wife and can she help me....? I said, would you give him a message, tell him that his paternity tests are back and he needs to call the clinic.

"WHAT??? OMG!" (Of course at that time people rarely said OMG, they always said the full ohmygawd, but for time and space purposes I modernized it.)

I could not contain myself then, I burst out laughing, the friend in the office burst out laughing, and the girl figured out what was going on. I feared for my life. Good thing she couldn't catch me with that big baby belly of hers. hehe

I TOTALLY have a plan for my next prank. The next person that I hear who is having their dog neutered, is going to get a call from the vet's office, informing them that the dog had been neutered, but in the process it was discovered that the dog was a hermaphrodite and needed to be spayed as well.

That's going to be so fucking great. hehe


heartinsanfrancisco said...

You're a very sick woman.


Oh, you're welcome.

mist1 said...

Please capture on video. Thanks.

Odat said...

ut oh....are you gonna get me back for the lil baby/scarey thing????

Odat said...

You've been tagged!!!!!

Crankster said...

This is such a deliciously evil idea! It made me think about all the other phone calls you could make...

The vet calling to tell them that the appendectomy went well.

The police calling to investigate a report of animal abuse that was lodged by the veterinarian.

A Chinese restaurant calling to ask them if they want to pick up the collar.

What an awesome setup! This is the kind of thing that I later blame for the fact that my friends no longer trust me.

Just D said...

Odat, sweetie, I would never consider revenge of this magnitude for a little scare, such as the one your email inspired. Although, when I snap, you'll probably be the first to go.

Crankster, I LOVE the chinese restaurant idea. I think you and I need to make a prank bank. ;-)

Crankster said...

A prank bank?

That might just be the coolest idea ever!

Just D said...

The Crank's Prank Bank. Kinda has an interesting ring to it, doesn't it.