Thursday, October 12, 2006

People Are Funny

Our computer network at work was broken yesterday. All of the information that we needed to access was on a server that bit the dust. While the IT people worked on it (it took all day), we mostly just twiddled our thumbs and did small things to look busy(ish). My boss had dictated some stuff that I typed up but couldn't finish because the information I needed was on the broken server. But yeserday afternoon boredom had started to set in, so instead of waiting for the server to be fixed I just pulled out old letters to get the information I needed to finish up the new stuff.

When I had that finished, I had several people asking me if the server was fixed. "No." How are you doing that? "I'm just clever that way." No really, how are you accessing that info? "We have older letters we can go by, ya know, how the fuck did you people survive before computers??." Silence, as they walk away.



Odat said...

Oh I so too....if the puters go one seems to know how to do anything!!!! geeze, that really annoys the crap out of me.....It's also know as LAZINESS!


Ha! Work grinds to a halt at my office when the servers are down, too. It's not common that they're down all day, but once when they were, we were just sent home...I wish that sorta thing happened more often!