Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Don't Get It

Why are these women so popular? Neither of them have any talent, they seem to just coast by on their tabloid worthiness. Jessica Simpson looks utterly deranged these days. And whats up with her dumping a guy that has a reputation as being one of the nicest guys around? If she can't get along with him she can't get along with anyone.....?

Now granted, at one time I liked Lindsey Lohan, back when she was a cute redhead. Now she looks like a washed up, constantly hungover barfly.

I saw these pictures and had to do an analysis. Here goes:

Jessica Simpson: Only famous because she didn't know what tuna was made from. Has a dad who is proud of his little girl's D cups. Sells wigs. Has an ego the size of the Asian Continent. Has eyeballs that look as if they will soon pop out and hit an unsuspecting paparazzi in the forehead. Can't get a date (probably because of those buggy eyes). Has supposedly made CDs, but oddly I, and nobody I know, has ever heard any of them. I personally wouldn't be caught dead with a Jessica Simpson CD in my car.

Lindsay Lohan: Still a kid so she may eventually come to her senses. She used to be adorable, now she looks washed up. Covers her gorgeous red hair with horrible black shit. Uses enough makeup to put Tammy Faye Baker to shame. Parties until she collapses then has her mother claim that the poor dear "works so hard that she's exhausted." Can't seem to get along with anyone. Hangs with Paris Hilton (ewww). I would never go see a movie that she is in.

I know that you were aching to hear my opinion on these two talented artists (snicker). Feel free to quote me.


lastonehere said...

I agree, what happened to leading woman that are worth following. When I am asked who my favorite movie stars are, I feel kinda weird when my answers are all men. Oh well maybe the next gen will be better.
Yes I am very secure in my heterosexuality.

Odat said...

Makes me glad I'm me! ;-)

mist1 said...

Poor Lindsay. Sometimes, I work so hard that I'm exhausted too.

Crankster said...

What about the Olsen twins? Andie McDowell? Melanie Griffith? Keep going with this!

Just D said...

Good idea! Along with my Offend the Masses Sunday I'll have a Useless Celebrity of the Week. hehe

MyHeartHurts said...

Thank you! ~M


I couldn't agree more about Lindsey. She should gain the weight back and ditch the hair dye and the attitude. Oh, and if she could find some talent somewhere, that would be a big plus, too. :)