Monday, September 04, 2006

Rocky Horror Picture Show

When I was in Glasgow we happened to go down a street that was filled with Rocky Horror characters. It took a few minutes for it to register what I was seeing, I thought they were all just weirdos. hehe

I knew that as much as I love that movie, you guys would love it just as much (just because I say so), so here are some of the highlights.

I see you shiver with antici ................................ pation.

Dammit Janet

So Brad & Janet decide to go visit their old teacher, the one who was responsible for bringing them together. They have car trouble on the way and go to a nearby house for help.

Time Warp

Obviously Janet isn't in the mood for folk dancing.

Sweet Transvestite

Brad & Janet then allow themselves to be stripped of their wet clothes and taken to the lab to see Frank's new creation. Eddie (Meatloaf) pays a visit......

Hot Patootie

Brad & Janet's old teacher makes an appearance......

After finding out they were having Meatloaf for dinner ((snicker))...

Janet Weiss

Hilarity ensues........

The Floor Show

Frank has to face his punishment for being a moral reprobate.

Going Home

Of course there is more to the story (although not much), but I can't post it ALL here can I? ;-)

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markoos said...

oh rocky! (said in tim robbins voice)