Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've Gone Feral

I used to be married. Yes I did, at one point, find a man who was naive enough to take me as his bride. That lasted for 17 years. I refer to those days as "my days of domestication," or "back when I was domesticated." That usually brings on an uncomfortable chuckle from the guys. I then go on to point out that I have since then gone feral. After they run to the dictionary to make sure they know what that means, that brings on another uncomfortable chuckle.

Men can be so cute sometimes.



Odat said...

Ok...I think we should do a video or maybe a new blog..entitled "Girls Gone Feral"...What'd ya think?

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love this post! I've often said that in my family, girls were bred for marriage like turkeys for the table.

You know, if they can't handle a woman who is not from Stepford, who wants them, anyway?

Odat's idea is hilarious. LOL. Unfortunately, the bimbos and bimbettes who watch this stuff wouldn't know what the word meant.

Just D said...

I actually do like the Girls Gone Feral blog idea.. it sounds like it would be a scream. We'd need a few feral women to contribute their stories of escape from domestication. lol


Ha! Too funny. I always sucked at all that domestic stuff.