Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alas, The Last One

My last pirate post. I must reluctantly call an end to all the immoral fun. No more pillaging or plundering. No more looting. No more searching for booty.

I have stretched this routine to the bitter end. I am forced to return to the doldrums before I be keelhauled by me mutinous scurvy swabbies (the scabrous dogs).

No no, I'll be okay. Really.



Steven Swain said...

Arrgh! Genious.

Maricopa Mark said...

Please! No More!!!

Maricopa Mark said...

Wow! It worked! This beta is getting more gamma by the hectare.

Just D said...

Okay FINE.. I have stopped (reluctantly).

I have to confess to having a lot of fun with it yesterday though. hehe