Thursday, August 03, 2006

Work Humor

I was at work today and spent a large chunk of time trying to locate a particular attorney. He ended up being in Nutbag, New Joisey*. I took the letter that had to go to that attorney to my boss for him to sign, and he saw the town it was going to and started sniggering like a juvenile. I said, "We're not going to laugh at the name of that town are we." He said, "No, that would be immature."

When I left his office we were both sniggering.

*Not its real name.


Odat said...

There's no such place!!!! (is there?) Doncha mean Nutley?
(and don't make fun of those from the Garden State)...(i'm from there ya know!!)

Just D said...

Yes it was Nutley.. but Nutbag is so much funnier, don't you think?


Bikerbabenj said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyy i resemble that remark