Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today's To Do List

1. Wake up. check

2. Put on clothes. check

3. Walk the dog. check

4. Carry out the trash. check

5. Empty paper out of new bag. check

6. Take change bucket to Krogers to use the counting machine. check - $91.00, not bad.

7. Come back home. check

8. Start laundry. check

9. Fix vacuum.

10. Wash dishes.

11. Mop kitchen floor.

12. Clean bathroom.

13. Mop bathroom floor.

14. Strip bed and wash sheets & mattress pad.

15. Start packing. check

16. Find passport. check

17. Drink lots of coffee. check

18. Kick self for that last glass of wine last night. check

19. Haul old table to dumpster.

20. Wonder why the hell I'm telling everyone on the face of the earth all of my stupid chores for the day. check


Odat said...

In response to #10, I'm wondering the same thing...why???? lol

The Czechist [actually Slovak] said...

21. Blog. Check.

Just D said...

22. Laugh. Check.