Friday, August 04, 2006

I. Am. Home.

Thank the good lord its Friday (as you can probably tell from my earlier posts). I stopped at the store and got some Parrot Bay Sunset Surf crap. I have never tried it before, what the hell. It is storming outside. When I left work it was sprinkling a bit.. between work and Publix it POURED, at Publix it hadn't even rained but it was thundering.

Oh, and hey, the drawbridge is fixed. It has had one side of it closed for weeks and weeks. What is so annoying is a mile away from the bridge there is a sign, "Left Lane Closed Ahead." When we pass the sign there is plenty of room for everyone on the road to merge left, and those of us with half a brain do so. It is the other ones (herinafter known as "The Morons") that give me a horrible case of road rage. The Morons continue on their happy little way, knowing that some kindhearted soul will let them in and they won't have to have waited in the line like the rest of us suckers. WELL I'LL TELL YOU WHAT I DID. On the days that it got like that, I floated the middle lane so nobody could get past me. I'm a bitch that way. And it made me feel better. hehe

I hate assholes.

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Odat said...

Ohhhh I do the same I stick myself partially in the shoulder lane so no one can get thru...he he he....