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Hamlet, Part III (shaddup ya heathens)

Act 3
Scene 1

The King & Queen, Polonius (of course), Ophelia, and Hamlet's two friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are all gathered together in a room in the castle, discussing how best to handle the dilemma of a crazy Prince Hamlet. The Queen is questioning Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about how they thought Hamlet was. They tell her that he seems distracted but not too awfully bad. They tell them that Hamlet has put together a play and was rather happy about it, and that he wants them to come see the play. The King tells Hamlet's two friends to keep encouraging him. They agree and leave. King Claudius then tells Queen Gertrude to leave them as they have sent for Hamlet and are going to spy on him when he speaks to Ophelia. Queen Gertrude tells Ophelia that she hopes that it is just Hamlet being lovesick that is causing his problems. She then leaves. They hear Hamlet coming so King Claudius and Polonius hide in the shadows. Ophelia sits quietly reading a book when Hamlet comes in.

Hamlet begins talking to Ophelia, wondering aloud if it would be better to just die than to have to suffer through life (extremely short version). Ophelia tells Hamlet that she has gifts that he had given her that she musts return. Hamlet denies giving her anything. Ophelia gives him the gifts and tells him that she believed that he loved her. He told her she should never have believed him. Hamlet tells Ophelia that she should never marry. After Hamlet wanders away Ophelia is very upset, saying that things are all the worse now, to have experienced his love only to have it taken away (And I, of ladies most deject and wretched, That suck'd the honey of his music vows). King Claudius and Polonius return. Claudius says that being lovesick is not Hamlet's problem, that there is something more happening. Polonius still insists that Hamlet's problem began with neglected love(the origin and commencement of his grief sprung from neglected love). He just won't let it go will he.

Claudius agrees that Hamlet has gone mad and that he must be watched.

Scene 2

Hamlet is instructing the actors on how best to perform his play. He tells them if they overact he will be very upset, but not to underact either. He tells them to go get ready. Rozencraft, Guildenstern and Polonius come in.

Hamlet asks if the King is coming to see the play. Polonius answers that he is, and the Queen as well. Hamlet yells at the actors to get a move on dammit and asks Rozencraft and Guildestern to go hurry them up.

Hamlet calls for Horatio (the guard that spoke to the ghost king). He tells Horatio what he is planning for the play, and says that when it gets to the scene that is like the one of his father's death, that he would like for Horatio to watch the King and note his reactions so that they can compare notes after the play.

The play begins, King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, Polonius (of course), Rozencrantz and Guildenstern all come in and engage in small talk. The King asks Polonius about his acting days at University. Polonius tells the King that he was Julius Ceasar and Brutus killed him (hehe).

Hamlet begins to flirt with Ophelia. She notes aloud that he seems to be in a good mood. He says why not be merry and says to look how happy his mother is even though it has only been two hours since his father's death. Ophelia reminds him that it has been much longer (twice two months).

The play begins. The first scene shows a king and queen together behaving very lovingly toward each other. The queen leaves and an actor comes in and pours poison in the actor king's ear. The actor queen comes in and finds the dead actor king. The poisoner comes in and grieves with the actor queen, and then proceeds to woo her and then to marry her.

The play continues and the King gets more and more upset as it goes along. After the play the King and Queen go to bed. Rozencrantz comes in and tells Hamlet that his mother would like a word with him. He asks Hamlet what has been bothering him, but Hamlet won't tell him. Guildenstern comes in and Hamlet asks him to play music for him, Guildenstern refuses, saying he doesn't know how to play. Hamlet insists, then accuses Guildenstern of trying to play him like an instrument.

Polonius comes in and tells Hamlet that the Queen is insisting on seeing him.

Scene 3

The King is speaking to Rozencrantz and Guildenstern. He is asking them to take Hamlet to England. They agree and leave.

The King is feeling guilt for what he did to his brother.

The King kneels by his bed and begins to pray. Hamlet, spying on the King, sees this and says that he cannot kill the man and help him into heaven, that he must wait and kill him when he is assured of going to hell.

Scene 4

The Queen and Polonius wait for Hamlet. Polonius is telling the Queen that she must be stern with Hamlet. When they hear Hamlet coming, Polonius hides behind the curtains.

Hamlet and his mother talk. Hamlet is being rude to his mother to the point of her being afraid of him. She calls for help and Hamlet hears Polonius behind the curtain. He stabs the curtain through with his sword and Polonius (behold, I am slain!) falls dead. The Queen is shocked and says what a horrible deed it was. Hamlet says almost as horrible as killing a king and marrying his brother. He goes on to be very nasty to his mother about her marrying her husband's murderer.

The ghost king comes in. Hamlet speaks of the ghost but his mother can't see or hear it and is further convinced of Hamlet's madness.

Hamlet asks his mother not to sleep with his uncle but to go back to being virtuous. He reminds her that he is being sent to England, but that he will take care of dead Polonius first (I'll lug the guts into the neighbor room).

The Queen leaves and Hamlet leaves, dragging Polonius.

End of Scene 3
To Be Continued

Part 4

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