Monday, July 24, 2006

Well what the.....................??

I check my credit card statement online several times a month. It has a very nice feature on my statement page that will tell me my FICO credit score. I checked it last week, it had gone up a bit. Yay. I checked it today. It had dropped 52 points. WHAT??? I have had no late payments. I have no idea why it has dropped so dramatically.

What is really bad about it is that there is basically nothing to be done. We are all at the mercy of the credit agencies.

I've been working really hard in the last year to straighten my credit so I could buy a house at some point. Fat lotta good its done me.


Steven Swain said...

What could make your credit score drop that much that soon?

Just D said...

No idea. The only thing I have done differently lately is paid off a car and put airline tickets on my credit card. I have paid nothing late.

Its very very annoying.

curmudgeon said...

Last time something like that happened to me, I was cleaning up an identity theft mess for several months.
If you haven't already, you may want to do this:

I also set up alerts to be triggered every time any inquiry or change was reported on mine, and made it so they had to call me to verify my identity before granting credit.

markoos said...

what's a FICO?