Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekends Suck

Well, they do in the blog universe anyway. Very few people blog on the weekends. You know what that tells me??

That most people blog on company time.

That. Is. Shameful.

If I were your bosses I'd sack ya all.

Come onnnnnnnnnnnn (whine whine whine) update your damn blogs. I'm booooored.


Gold star to Brian J. for posting "cat pictures and stuff."



Brian J. said...

What, I don't get a gold star or something?

I mean, it's just cat pictures and stuff, but it's something.

Odat said... wanted it, you got

Brian J. said...

This is the most recognition my blogging has gotten all summer!

irv said...

I have made this very observation on numerous occasions, at the risk of sounding like a pathetic, lonely housewife. (well...)

However, I do have a job. I'm just not in a position to blog there because it's not a cubicle-ridden, milking the company payroll so I can goof off on the computer kind of job.

my favorite is the conduct disorders forum. this is supposed to be a forum where exasperated parents can vent and seek advisement about issues pertaining to their special-needs children. 'weekends are a little slow around here' is a common statement made to newcomers, presumably because the whopping two days a week when these parents are charged with giving their children their undivided attention are too overburdened with familial duties to enable outside interaction. but there's plenty of time to post once they hit the office. seize the irony.

so thanks for sticking your neck out there and whining on my behalf. I wholeheartedly support your positon.

Just D said...

I have a cubicle ridden, milking the company payroll so I can goof on the computer sort of job.

Actually I am a legal assistant/paralegal and on days that I'm not entirely overwhelmed I do have time to do occasional posts. So even though I say I'd sack em if I were their bosses....


markoos said...

omg. had you noticed that when i was an office peon i'd post 10+ times a day, then when i was an unemployed student i'd blog like 3 times a week?

heh heh.

it's the closet i'll ever come to being paid to blog.