Friday, July 28, 2006

No Its Not Because I've Been Reading Stephen King

I know you guys aren't going to believe this story, but I'm telling it anyway.

My office is haunted.

No shit. It is.

If anyone is familiar with Savannah, you know that its a very historical city. Half the buildings in town are so old they should probably be torn down, but that won't happen because someone historical might have slept across the street from there and might have breathed in the general direction of the now derelict building.... but I digress.

The building my office is in is one of the big historical looking houses that Savannah is famous for, marble porch across the front, huge columns, floor to ceiling windows, etc. It has always been said (usually to new employees) that the building is haunted by the Doctor that used to own it. It is said that he died in the house and was laid out in what is now our front conference room, and he never quite left. Oddly enough I don't normally believe in that kind of thing, but this time I do. I've seen him.

One day I was in my office and was on my computer (as was normal). My back was to the rest of my office, but I could see the reflection of (what I thought was) my boss who had came into the office and was standing behind me. I assumed he was standing there trying to remember where something was, so I just asked without turning around, are you looking for something......? No response. I turned around and the office was empty. Ohhhhhhhhkie dokie then.

Not long after that, around the fall of 2004, my office machines started running on their own. The Doctor especially liked my scanner and he pushed the button constantly to make it run. Of course there was nothing in there to be scanned so it would always make an error message come up on my screen. Everyone on the second floor heard the scanner running constantly. I came to work once and the scanner had been ran and a file attached to an email that was waiting to be sent. I confess to being terrified to look at the attached file, but it was blank as normal. One day I went in and popped a tape full of dictation into the transcription machine, and it started running by itself. Normally I have to push the floor pedal with my foot to make it run, but it was going very nicely all by itself. I stepped out and called another secretary in and she came in there. I said look....... she stood there for a second and heard the machine going by itself.. on, off, on, off, like someone was working the foot pedal (I was across the office standing next to her). She absolutely FREAKED. After she left I sat down to try to do the tape but the tape kept going off and on. I said, "Cut it out please, I have to work," and it stopped. A few days later the electric typewriter would type random letters, just out of the blue.

That hilarity lasted about two weeks, then it stopped as suddenly as it started. Its been quiet ever since.. until yesterday. The scanner ran twice all by itself. That was it, just two times, and then nothing else.

The Doctor is back.

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irv said...

Saw your comment on steve's blog this morning. YOU are funny.

cool ghost stories.