Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tybee Island, v.2

I spent the day at the beach today. It was an absolutely perfect day. Just enough wind blowing to keep it cool. I am starting to get pretty brown, but I have some glaring tan lines. Oh well.. there is nobody in my life at the moment to laugh at them so why worry. ;-)

Things I've noticed when I go to the beach:

EVERYBODY wants to park their loungers by the waterline. And then have to move when the tide starts coming in. (Not me, I always park by the dunes.)

Bikinis should be outlawed, for two reasons. 1) 98% of the women should never be seen in one, its scary; and the 2nd reason is the 2% that look good in them shouldn't be seen in one, its scary.

When I first get there before the crowds come, I can smell the ocean, a combination of saltwater with just a slight fishy twang to it. Its not an unpleasant smell, by any means. As the crowds come in, the smell changes to a mixture of 3000 different sunscreens and cigarette smoke. Not pleasant at all.

The sound of the surf as the tide is coming in is my second favorite sound in the world. (Right behind the sound of a distant thunderstorm.)

If I park by the dunes, nobody bothers me, nobody parks near me. Until the tide comes in. Then everyone drags their loungers into my bubble. (bastards)

Some kids are absolutely free in their joy and are a pleasure to observe.

Guys with six-pack abs really do exist, not just in magazines, not many, but I saw one today.. off in the distance.

On days like this, my 4 hours on the parking meter wasn't nearly enough time.


Odat said...

Thanks so much ...i'm enjoying the beach vicariously through you so far....!!!!!

Just D said...

Well just so you know, we REALLY REALLY enjoyed the guy with the six-pack abs. hehe