Monday, June 19, 2006


Yup. Its here again. Monday. The day that we all wake up from our weekend of fun induced comas. The day that we drag ourselves our of our comfy beds, with the mantra playing in our head - - "We must get to work we must contribute we must pay our taxes we must get to work we must contribute we must pay our taxes...."

I had a decent weekend, my son keeps me more active than I am used to being and yet still has the nerve to tell me he's bored. WTF*???

I am actually a little bit embarrassed to go to work today. When I went to the beach yesterday, I made sure I slathered myself generously with sunscreen. It apparently wasn't generous enough. My NOSE is RED. I look like fucking Bozo the Clown. But no, I will not behave in an embarrassed fashion. I will walk proudly, my nose glowing, yet I will stand strong and feign ignorance at the cruelty and laughter, and attempt to be blissfully unaware of how fucking obnoxious my red nose truly is. Do not pity me, I will prevail. I will go bravely forward, paving the way for people with red noses so that they, too, can walk in public, free from embarrassment. Its a tough job but someones gotta do it.

*WTF = What The Fuck to the lingo uninitiated.


Odat said...

Funny ...just got done with my blog and mentioned a mantra..and here you go with a mantra And..I am laughing about your red nose...sorry. You must be more careful ya know!!!

Just D said...

See? That is exactly what I'm talking about, laffing at my red nose.


Sassan Sanei said...

You once wrote that you've never had a hangover. Methinks your red nose gives you away! :)

Just D said...

Cruelty coming at me in waves from all sides. I thought you people were my friends dammit!

I am still fighting the good fight. I have not caved to embarrassment.