Thursday, June 08, 2006

Because I Can't

I just watched this video and laughed until tears ran. It brings back so many stupid memories, not least of high school and wishing I could dance. ;-) (Alas, I have accepted my shortcomings.. I cannot dance and can only admire from afar the ones that can.) Watching this video is like watching the last 30 years on MTV.


bikerbabenj said...

Okay... now I wish I can start off EVERY DAY with a laugh like that! I was absolutely HYSTERICAL... (yes, here in work, drawing WAYYYYYY TOO MUCH attention to my loud self) I had to watch it again inbetween the tears rolling down my face! I enjoyed this immensely!

curmudgeon said...

I chuckled the first time I saw that, then I effing guffawed the next. It seems to get funnier each time.