Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fark Day

As always, I seem to find the Fark taglines funnier than the actual stories:

Baby cleared in Robbery (That's a relief. I was worried.)

Woman not amused to come home and find Strange Naked Guy in her bed

For all the Trekkies who thought it couldn't get any worse: rumors that Ben Affleck will have a leading role in the next movie

Man lives in treehouse for 50 years to get away from nagging wife

Female teachers angered after they're banned from wearing "super-short" skirts. How the hell are they supposed to entice their students into having sex with them now?

Hacker hacks signboards on Canada's busiest commuter railroad to say that the prime minister eats babies (I had to provide the link to that one, it was very funny.)

Fraud charges dismissed against Limbaugh. Still faces charges of gross windbaggery and vowel over-ennunciation

Hollywood wants to calm the panic with it's new made-for-TV movie, "Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America" (If any of you are panicking over bird flu, email me so I can make fun of you in private.)

Having the air conditioner break down is bad, but not as bad as waking up with some pervert's tongue in your ear (This must be the companion story to finding a strange naked guy in your bed.)

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