Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Why is it that when a certain anonymous person (hereinafter known as "Jane Doe") starts to feel optimistic about things again, and doesn't wake up cringing at the thought of having to face the day again, why is it that certain other anonymous people (hereinafter known as "John Doe") finds it funny to cause Jane Doe continued pain, and continues to post ugly things on his website about her. Jane Doe is having trouble coming to terms with John Doe's continued escapades.

Jane Doe has been through this before, during a semi-nasty divorce, when Jane Doe's ex-husband saw fit to inform the entire town of their personal business, and to say things about her that he knew would make himself look like the wronged one and in need of the world's pity. Jane Doe recognizes this tactic for what it is.

However, Jane Doe is extremely disappointed to see John Doe resort to such behavior, as John witnessed Jane go through the pain of it once before.

Jane Doe isn't handling things very well these days.

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