Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend Movies

Boss #1 brought me two movies to watch (we're always trading movies)... Something About Mary, which I had never seen before, and Raising Arizona, which I had seen but was years and years ago, I had forgotten most of the details.

First, Something About Mary. A nice fluff movie. Ben Stiller is a hoot in almost everything he does, but I'm not much of a Cameron Diaz fan. Something about her being all legs and skinny and blond, I think. Anyway, the movie was pretty good. I totally identified with Ben Stiller at the end when he was walking out of her apartment bawling like he was about to die. lol But get real people.. who would pick Ben Stiller over Brett Favre?? That is just completely unrealistic, I'm sorry. I give it a B.

Next, Raising Arizona. Nicolas Cage always seems to play the same sort of personality, no matter what character he is supposed to be playing. Most of the time he is befuddled and confused looking, but for some reason he still pulls it off and does it pretty convincingly (in my opinion). The first time I saw this movie was years ago, when I was domesticated and my sense of humor hadn't fully developed the sharp edge that it now has. Back then I thought it was a bit strange. Now, I still think its a bit strange, but has some hilarious parts to it. The two big overgrown ex convicts driving down the street squawling like babies because they had misplaced the Arizona baby had me in stitches. I give it an A-.

Time for a good horror movie, I think. Two comedies in a row is almost too much for my delicate constitution.

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