Friday, April 14, 2006

Still not smoking

It has now been 5 months since I quit smoking. It has been long enough now that I can smell it on other people when they have been smoking, or around someone who has. It has also been long enough that I can sort of understand people who have quit who nag other people to quit. I mean really, I have the least will power of anyone on the face of the earth. If I can quit anyone should be able to.

I've also lost quite a bit of weight, which I hear isn't supposed to happen when you quit smoking. A few more pounds and I'll be down to what I was after my divorce, and I looked pretty damn good then. (Or so I was told at the time. lol)

I was an idiot when I thought 2006 was going to be an easier year. But I'm an annoyingly eternal optimist. Tomorrow things will be better.


Bikerbabenj said...

an oldie:

Yesterday is gone
Today is here
The day's almost over
Tomorrow is near.

There's more ahead
Comin' your way
Better and stronger
With each new day.

Searching no more
Unlocking the key
Opening the door
To reality.

Lightning strikes
Like Cupid's arrow
Movin' fast forward
Waitin on tomorrow.

Odat said...

Congrats on the "non smoking" milestone......!!!!!!!!