Thursday, April 06, 2006

Something we should all own.....

My favorite actress posted about traveling and included a quote about how most Americans don't own a passport. I have been told that exact same thing by my best friend, who has made fun of me on many occasions because yes, he was right, I didn't have a passport.

Until now.

I decided to expand my horizons and applied for a passport. I should get it in the next few weeks (unless they proclaim me to be a terrorist). So, in honor of my new status as a passport holder, I am planning a major trip at the end of the summer. I plan to be a touristy foreigner in a country heretofore unknown to me, taking pictures of totally inane objects and blissfully unaware of the locals laughing at me. I am so excited by the idea that I find it hard to concentrate on much else.. not to mention scared shitless because I'm going by myself. Needless to say, when I have a little bit of time to kill, I end up looking around for things that will make my trip a more pleasant experience.

I will share something with you that I just found. It should be a requirement for every passenger on every plane trip.

Flatulence Filter
Flatulence Filter

The Flatulence Filter is a breath of fresh air for you and your fellow passengers! Flying can cause many travelers to experience uncomfortable intestinal gas, which in turn can lead to embarrassing flatulence. And at 30,000 feet, it's difficult to blame the dog! The Flatulence Filter looks like an ordinary seat cushion but contains an activated carbon air filter that absorbs odors immediately and lasts up to 12 months. Ideal for airplane, train, or car travel, it has a handy carrying handle. Favorably reviewed in Business Week and Prevention Magazine. (17 x 15 x 1"; 11 oz)

The green font color was totally on purpose.

I realize that some of you world travelers have probably already tried out this amazing item. Please feel free to post a review in the comment section.


Sassan Sanei said...

Do they make one in a feet version? The guy sitting next to me on the plane one time took his socks and shoes off and began massaging his tired, swollen, sweaty, stinky traveler's feet.

If you've ever left chopped onions sitting out on the kitchen counter overnight, you know the smell the next morning? That was it.

Just D said...

I didn't really see anything for that, but I did see something that might solve the problem for you. I'll see if I can find it tonight and post it. ;-)