Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Oklahoma City Bombing

Today is the anniversary. I guess its like remembering where you were when Kennedy was shot, or when the Space Shuttle blew up, I remember exactly where I was. I was on the interstate between Purcell, Oklahoma and Norman, Oklahoma (about 15 miles south of Oklahoma City), on my way to work, and I was a bit late (that was the old me, I swear). They broke in on the radio and said there was some kind of explosion downtown, but it was unknown what or where it was. It was downplayed quite a bit because everyone, myself included, never in a million years thought that something that horrible could happen there.

I got to work and we turned on the radio, details were sketchy but coming in slowly. All the phone circuits were busy so there was no calling anyone. Everyone in the vicinity was ordered to stay off of their cell phones. My friend in the office was getting regular updates from her mother in Houston, who was watching it unfold on CNN and calling us (when she could get through) to tell us what was going on because she knew that things were out of control where we were and getting information was very difficult.

One of the nurses that I worked with came into the office in a panic. Her husband had been heading that direction and she couldn't locate him. She thought he was in the building (turns out he hadn't made it up there yet).

It was a very weird day.

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Odat said...

I know the feeling...and I hope that these things will never happen again....(but they did, didn't they?)