Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Son

I was on the phone talking to my 15 year old son earlier. He lives with his dad. Anyway, he called me and was telling me that his dad had a date tonight, and man oh man was he giving his dad some shit over that. He was grilling him on where he met the woman, and finally declared that his dad met his new woman online on My Space, and told him to make sure she was truly 68 and not 14. He told his dad that site was dangerous. He then informed him that he thought that was still better than where mom met her last date.... in rehab.

I was absolutely rolling by this time.

His dad then asked was I still seeing the drug addict. My son told him no, the guy OD'd and I went back to my girlfriend.

His dad left the room.. I told my son he was wicked and evil and he makes me so proud.

He told me I raised him right.

Yes I did. hehe


P.S.: I didn't really meet my last date in rehab.

(It was at AA.)


Odat said...

He's so sick (just like Mom) !!

Just D said...

He is way sharper than mom ever thought about being. lol

markoos said...

that's rad. good on him.