Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another round of Fark taglines.

It seems to be a slow news day, but as it sometimes happens, the Fark taglines are much more entertaining than the actual stories. Here are a few:

Candidate's campaign fundraising hits snag when even his family donates to his opponent

Man attempts to smuggle dead bird through customs, in violation of airport's "no carrion" policy

Since Canada has elected a Conservative government that promises to crack down on sex and drugs, the number of American vistors has hit an all-time low

Police arrest 76-year-old man after he went door-to-door offering free breast exams. Two women accepted

Small penis drives teen to suicide. If he had only bought a Harley or a monster truck with loud pipes

Despite the best efforts by residents of Detroit, U.S. records largest decline in deaths in 70 years

Canada scolded to get serious about climate change. Canada responds, "Or what? It'll start warming up? Yeah, we'll get right on that"

Nudist colony in St. Louis vows to be a good neighbor, but opponents fear people will be able to see their members

Dog who collected more than 3,000 balls at golf course rewarded with lifetime membership. Your dog can find two balls anytime he wants but shuns the spotlight

And the best (or should I say most imaginative) one of them all...........

Throwing tampons at Bob Saget during one of his comedy routines will not staunch the flow of bloody awful jokes, period

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Odat said...

Very is like that isn't it?