Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Living in Savannah, St. Patrick's Day is a HUGE affair, dignified dinners, elegant parties, everyone on their best behavior so as to impress the incoming tourists. The tourists, however, are a wild bunch. They scare me.

I have today off from work. The powers that be have decreed that it is too dangerous for their employees to be on the streets with all these tourists running about, so they told us to stay home, and as much as I love my job, who am I to argue.

So here I am, on my fourth cup of coffee (Columbian), I've been ditched by my one and only close friend here in Savannah (not the woman he thought I was, apparently), and I am at total loose ends.

I need a book to read or something before I go stir crazy with boredom.

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