Monday, February 27, 2006

Ohhhhh k

ColorQuiz.comJust+D took the free personality test!

"Longs for tenderness and for a sensitivity of feel..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

I took this personality test that is supposedly pretty accurate. I had no idea I was this close to suicide.

(Go ahead and take it, its laugh out loud fun. lol)


Odat said...

hmmm.....rings true!!!! (except maybe that part about the "retraint you impose upon yourself").....LMAO
I'm going to take it now....i'll let you know how i

Odat said...

I took it's on my

Just D said...

Okay fine.. I do admit to being a little bit of a free spirit. lol

Sassan Sanei said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. It's going on my blog too.

bikerbabenj said...

Well THAT was quite amazing.. both Johnnyboy and myself did it and was VERY true to life... (eerily) lol