Tuesday, February 21, 2006


It had to happen eventually.

AP Associated Press
Updated: 4:39 p.m., ET Feb. 21, 2006

OKLAHOMA CITY – In a move that has taken the State of Texas by surprise, the governor of Oklahoma has declared the Oklahoma government’s intentions to raze the State of Texas in the first state-to-state eminent domain bid.

“It had to happen eventually,” explained Governor Brad Henry. “We have always considered Texas to be ‘South Oklahoma’ anyway, so why not make it official. We will raze the buildings we don’t particularly care for and have condos built in their place as vacation homes for our residents. Of course, it will create a larger tax base for the State of Oklahoma’s benefit.”

Not surprisingly, some Texans are crying foul. “I ain’t giving up my double-wide to no Okie!” Exclaimed Denton resident Duane Elroy, 42. Mr. Elroy’s sentiments were mirrored by several of his neighbors, although with “livelier” language.

When contacted by AP as to the possibilities of this bid succeeding, Texas attorney Fred Grokman conceded that under current eminent domain laws, there was really nothing stopping Oklahoma from succeeding in its quest to add Texas to its tax base.

When Governor Henry was asked if he had his eyes on any other state, he stated, "Arkansas is nice," although he declined to provide details.

Those Texans can be mean when they are riled.

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