Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Every day before I leave home to come to work, I put on a movie in the VCR for the kids (Jake the dog, Amelia the siamese kitty) to watch while I'm away. Mostly I do it because Jake will bark at every noise he hears outside if I don't put something on to drown it out. Anyway, I put the movie in, set it to repeat, and it plays over and over throughout the day. Monday & Tuesday the movie was Babe (remember the one about the pig?). Today's movie is Eurotrip. I usually end up making things up about what they learn from these movies, but mostly all I could come up with from this week's movies is that they would be really annoyed by the pig because I left it playing too long.. Jake and Amelia would want to eat him, and from Eurotrip they would learn to cuss and have inappropriate sex while they are murdering the pig.

I never claimed to think like a normal person.

This morning's music accompaniment whilst on the drive to work: Arlo Guthrie, Alice's Restaurant (laugh out loud fun).


Odat said...

You've confirmed my opinion about you being a very sick person!!!!

Just D said...

Right.. as if you had any doubts before today.