Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oh My God that was close

I was blogging. On the job. Shame on me, but I dont' take smoke breaks anymore, so a 10 minute blog break isn't that big of a deal. I hit the little button up in the corner that takes you to another blog. I came across one that showed college guys dressed up as female cheerleaders, complete with very large boobs. I was looking at that and then realized (just as boss #2's door opened with a bang), I realized how it would look if one of them walked in here with me looking at those pictures.

Stop laughing. Its not funny.


Odat said...

One of these days....we're both gonna get caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and part of my job is to see that these types of things do not happen on the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

markoos said...


ha ha!

but seriously, the only time i blog and surf the net is at work. it fills my day and i get paid for it.

if the boss asks, i just tell him that it's "research" ha ha! god i love advertising.