Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Have it your way.

Burger King.

Don't go there.

I was out on my lunch break today, paying a bill and decided to go through the Burger King drive through (as opposed to McDonalds). McDonalds would have been so much better... the equivalent of gourmet food even.

I spent 20 minutes in the line, with only 3 cars ahead of me. I got up to the speaker and placed my order.. Cheeseburger, fries, strawberry/banana Icee. The clerk asked what size Icee, I said large. Large or medium Icee ma'am? Large please. Medium? Large. We only have small and medium. Okay fine.. medium then. Your total is $4.56 (prounounced foe fefty sex).

I get up to the window (finally) and the clerk comes over and takes my money and disappears for a few more minutes, then comes back. Would you like coke with that? No. I ordered a strawberry/banana Icee. We don't got no strawberry/banana, do yew want coke instead? No, I came here specifically for the strawberry/banana. The machine is broken, do yew want coke instead? Why didn't you tell me that when I was ordering. OKAY FINE give me a damn coke. She brings my order to me and I leave. Six blocks down the road I go to fish out a french fry, and voila.. they are the invisible kind! Cool! Okay not cool. By then I was irritated beyond all belief and turned around and went back for my fries, just out of principle. I go inside, stand in the line and get "Is there somethin wrong wit cher order ma'am?" You left the fries out. Bam.. in go an order of fries, no apologies, no asking if I wanted any ketchup, nothing except the distinct odor of their annoyance that I would dare, yes DARE, to question their bag stuffing abilities. I leave again, get 6 blocks down the road and go to fish out a fry, and Oh. My. God. Cold. And burned. On the ends. Burned french fry ends. Nasty. They are still in my car. Even on McDonald's worst days, they were never that bad.

I was going to email the company and let them know of my displeasure, but conveniently, they don't accept email. I am annoyed enough that I will write a REAL letter on REAL paper and use a REAL stamp.

Real Burger King message: --------->>Communication with Burger King Corporation is not accepted via e-mail.

This message is located at: http://www.bk.com/CompanyInfo/contact_us.aspx

Just thought you ought to know.

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