Monday, January 23, 2006

An Easier One.

Rocky Horror Picture Show. This movie has achieved cult status, and surprisingly, is one of my favorites. I mean really, what other movie can you name that has perverted transvestite aliens living on the outskirts of Denton, Texas, having naughty sex with each other and building good looking men who wear gold panties. None. And no, that wasn't the question.

This is the question:

Rocky Horror Picture Show has something in common with Muppet Treasure Island. What is it that the two movies have in common?

(This one is with 128,762 points.)


Odat said...

What they have in common is: Ta da.........I DIDN'T SEE EITHER OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAOOOOOO....
(Do i win the prize???? HUH HUH???)

Just D said...

Oh fine. Heckle the blogger. See if I care.

No no, its too late now, you can't take it back.


brownsugar said...

Tim Curry!

markoos said...

ummmm... tim curry?