Friday, December 23, 2005


Have you ever gotten home at the end of a very hectic day, and swore that when you sat down and took your shoes off you could hear the tsssssssssssssssss sound of the steam being released.

Neither have I.

But I am home at the end of a very hectic day, and I haven't taken my shoes off yet. Blog first. I have my priorities right. I couldn't get the receptionist to tell Boss #2 that I had broken my leg, although I did get him almost as good when he called to make sure I had started the project, and I told him I had a few things come up and that I would be starting really soon, I promise. hehe

It turned out to be a not so bad day. Everyone in the office left for the day at noon except Boss #1 and Boss #2, and me because I was Very Very Busy, but I had two attorneys at my beck and call (which I loved). I mentioned to Boss #1 that I needed a caffeine hit and there were no cokes in the fridge, oh well I'd do without. Next thing I knew he brought me a coke. What service I tell ya. Boss #2 brings me a $100 gift card for the local mall (to go along with the $50 one that I already had gotten from Boss #1). They have spoiled me this year.

I should have asked for a back rub and a soft pillow, too.

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